Digital Art 

I began creating digital images in 1999 shortly after I bought my first computer, a blue iMac and the software for Adobe illustrator and Photoshop. With Illustrator I worked a lot with repeating patterns in the hope of selling these patterns to be printed onto things, like fabrics and wallpapers. I made a HTML website showcasing them. I would also scan images and items, bugs, bark, leaves.. and work with them in Photoshop.

Two of my digitally manipulated photographs were included in the Garden of the Gulf group art exhibition at the Confederation Center Art gallery in 1999. 

When I got my first iPad I stopped working with these programs and used apps instead. It was through an app that I made many Mandalas. I called them Yantras. I used some of these Mandalas in videos.

I continue to create images and I tend to work organically. My images are not planned. I have created many, many images.. Art is my medicine.