Digital Paintings

I had told myself I couldn't actually paint and so taking the leap to make a painting on the iPad was scary. The first ones were very basic. I think I’ll post one here for you to see. 

I like to challenge myself so joined a group a friend started called 52 times on Facebook where we were encouraged each other to make a piece of art a week. The first app I worked with was called IPastel. After I had made a bunch and thought they were looking good enough to share further on social media, a friend suggested I start a Redbubble shop.  I found that the quality wasn’t a high enough resolution to upload so my mom helped me upgrade my iPad and I changed to another app called Artrage. I was then able to transfer the images to our lap top to increase the images resolution to upload to Redbubble where they print the paintings onto different things, paper being one option.

I finally got my wish to have my work, my images printed onto things. 

My focus for my digital Paintings is nature.  I would pick, if I was inside in the winter, a house plant and I would spend the week with that house plant and really work on capturing the essence of it.  If the weather was nice I would paint outside in the garden. I did this for many years and it gave me such great joy.  2020 I began to use the ProCreate app to continue this discipline of capturing nature in digital paintings. These are not available as prints anywhere. I’ll post some here to view. I am looking into having them as NFTs.