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Tiny painting of many colours of a majestic Grandmother Tree.

Love's Hidden SymMeTrees


May and June 2021


Lefurgey Centre, Summerside, PE, Canada

Project type

Art Exhibit

Love’s Hidden SymMeTrees was exhibited at the Lefurgey, gallery of Culture Summerside on Prince Edward Island, Atlantic Canada for the months of May and June 2021.
This was my artist statement for the exhibit.
I am courageously following my bliss and accepting the possibilities of the present, this present of my first solo art exhibit and embracing my gratitude for my sixty days of fame.
This show was my expression of love and while it’s hidden, it’s there. I work organically. I allow myself the freedom to paint without being in my mind. I’ve given my body the permission to do whatever it can. I’ve also given my mind a break and I tend to paint intuitively and landscapes emerge or a sort of tribal kind of messages from spirit.
I loved painting these pieces even though they tend to be messy and chaotic. I continue painting in my mind when I’m not painting. I paint in my dreams and see paintings I know I’ve painted in my dreams.
I love them all and am hoping that you will also.
I lost my husband in January 2019 so painting has been my medicine, my way of grieving. Some were made before as Michael encouraged me.
They are my expression while I’m restricted physically, I allow myself this freedom just to be and accept what expression comes.

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