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Artist Trading Cards

The Confederation Centre Art Gallery in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island hosts an Artist Trading Card Event every August. Monique organizes it, and does a lovely job. I was at the first event and participated yearly until we moved out of Charlottetown in 2016.

Here is a card from the second year of the event in 2011.

I worked with my late husband Michael on this series called Heart Voice. He grew the flowers, took the photos, and after I framed, added text and printed them, he helped to cut them out. I would write by hand on the back of each of them. See the whole series here

Here is a selection of my ATC's from another year that I created with Photoshop. I don't remember the title of the series or the year.

Here is a few from another year.

Here is the series Digital Graffitti from 2010 and three of this series.

In 2014 there were some of the artists participating who thought I was doing it wrong, because I wasn't creating by hand.

This was upsetting. That wasn't how I was working during these years. I took it to heart though, and determined, the following year I made my series of ATCs by hand and have been since. Below is the series from 2015.

I missed recording some years and series, but I am now at this year 2021. I made 43 watercolour ATC, the series is called Unknowing with Kindness. I took this photo before packaging them up to be mailed. Thanks for reading and following along with my journey. Much love x Trisha Patricia

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