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The Rising Tide 10 x 8 $200

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I was working on these tiny canvases when Michael first got ill.. we didn’t know what was going on. .. Life as we were living it, was totally turned upside down and spinning out of control. Interesting how it, our existence was reflective of all of life here on beautiful Mother Earth. Certainly a time of transition..

Atmospheric Landscape

Here is another of the little canvases that I was working on when life was turned upside down. It became a landscape, and another moody one.

When I was messaging friends to see if they wanted me to nominate them for the artist challenge of posting a work each day for ten days while nominating someone else to the same, one friend who declined said to me that she would really appreciate hearing about the painting. Hearing the story behind the artistic expression.

I took this to heart. I’ve always shared my art while using it as a way to speak my truth without words. I did not have the words. I was repressed. I was shy too, and while I wanted to share I also felt like hiding. I kept myself small. Was more comfortable being an encourager. I love to love.

I now feel like I can share my words. It’s a relief to have this body of work in a gallery.

If you are on Prince Edward Island check out Love’s Hidden SymMeTrees at the Lefurgey Cultural centre in Summerside. The show, part of the sixty days of fame series is on display until the end of May. They are open 10-4 Monday through Friday.

I’ll be making a video of the show when I can and sharing it for those unable to view in person.

#artist #restorer #plantingtrees through #art.

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