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My Digital Paintings!

I decided to share a body of my work, the Nature Digital Paintings that I created using an app on my iPad over a period of 3 years. I began using the iPastel app and found the files too small to upload to redBubble so then I used the ArtRage app.

Each week I would do a painting. Focussing on the subject, breathing with it, in an attempt to capture its essence in this digital way. It was a creative meditation practice that I shared weekly with a group on Facebook called 52 times and on my other social media.

African Violet Looking out to our Old Black Truck on Passmore Street was one of the first paintings using ArtRage.

This is our Oxalis and the first time I painted this delightful, gentle plant who continues to live with me.

Tulips from Sally printed here on a sleeveless top expresses spring. At my redBubble shop my digital paintings are printed Made to Order on a variety of items.

Crocus was one of my first digital paintings using iPastel app.

I hope you enjoy seeing this body of work and if you like to, you can purchase on redBubble.

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