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What I have been up to..Latest Paintings Post Card Sized Watercolours

I began making these tiny paintings for my alter. My very first alter for a personal project, Project Walk. I wanted an image of little me beginning to walk so I painted my dad Allan holding my one hand, and my mom Lois holding my other.

I then painted the scene from the song Daddy's Little Girl by the Mills Brothers

🌈 you are the end of the rainbow

The pot of gold🥇

you’re daddy‘s little girl to love and hold👨‍👧

A precious gemstone is what you are💎

you’re mommies bright and shining star🌟

you’re the spirit of Christmas🎄

The star on the tree⭐️ you’re the Easter bunny🐇 to mommy and me👨‍👩‍👧

you’re sugar🍦

you’re spice🧂

you’re everything nice💓 your daddy‘s little girl🧍‍♀️

Angel saints Allan and Lois, my guardian dears, to whom Devine love entrusts me here. Ever this day, be at my side, to aid and guard, to strengthen and guide.

Next came my Secular Saint Freda Kahlo

And Our Lady in the expressions of Stella Maris and Yemaya

I thought these would be the perfect size to work on while demonstrating at the Summerside Arts Festival and I did a few over a few days for practice.

Marie, one of my caregivers and I.

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