Abstract Watercolour

After working with the digital paintings for a few years I gained some confidence. My late husband Michael suggested I paint on paper. Previously I believed I couldn’t because there was no way to undo if I made a mistake. I was afraid with my physical disability that I wouldn’t have control, so I decided I could paint in the abstract, to focus on the feeling and the colors. On my birthday he showed up with a tiny pad of watercolour paper and some watercolour paints. I thought I had to start small.. after I filled up the first notebook I got another small notebook and then I bought single small sheets of paper and then bigger sheets and over time I have accumulated many watercolours and continue to do so. 


I feel like I’ve just begun exploring this medium. I really like mixing  paints, working with the colours, layering, and creating textures. I explore using the palette knife and different brushes. I feel by taking my mind out of the process, when I put the paint onto the canvas the energy expresses itself.  I often visualize painting in my mind when I am unable to do it on the canvas, paper, or screen.

My Process of painting has been one of allowing, and gently letting go through the years. I now see it as an unravelling of the structures meant to control us for generations. I see landscapes, trees, signs, energy flow emerge which is quite freeing like a dance, accepting, always in love and surrender; it’s really such a gift I’ve given myself and I hope it’s a gift that others will receive. 

I believe all of life is in process of co~creating because we’re all connected ~interconnected ~so how could it not be.